How can I check Big Night Out Band's availability?

Please visit our Contact page and fill out the enquiry form or if you prefer call us on 07939 913 100.

How do I confirm a Big Night Out Band booking?

Big Night Out Band bookings are secured via a confirmation contract sent from us. We require the contract filled in with the wedding or function details and signed to confirm the booking. Big Night Out Band also request a small non-refundable deposit. The remainder of the fee is due at the beginning of the evening of your special event.

Do we get the same band we've booked originally?

YES! Big Night Out Band play as the same 5 piece band for 99% of the time. Unfortunately people do get ill and if this happens then we'll always replace them with a top quality musician, who has rehearsed or played with the band before. Other than this the 5 people you see on this website is the 5 people you will see at your function. Big Night Out Band are realising more and more this isn't the case with a large number of other function bands. Even if you're not booking Big Night Out Band we feel it's a piece of advice that we should pass on.

Will you learn a specific first dance or special song?

Big Night Out Band offer to learn a first dance, or special request for free so long as we are given adequate time to learn the song properly. Typically we'd ask for at least a month before your special event. Big Night Out Band also offer couples a choice of songs from our current "first dance" list but we realise many couples often have a specific song they'd like us to learn.

Can you provide background music or play CD's during the break?

Yes, background music is played whilst Big Night Out Band get changed, and again at the break. We have a wide selection of pre-recorded background music on iPod which can be played. We are happy to play "mixes" of music supplied by yourslves, so long as it is provided on an MP3 player. Please note, we do not have a CD Player in our equipment so cannot play CD's provided on the night.

What sort of equipment do Big Night Out Band have?

Big Night Out Band are 5-piece live band, consisting of keyboards, guitar, bass and drums with both female and male vocals. As well as the musical instruments, we have a 2KW EV PA Audio System, suitable for events of up to 600 guests. Big Night Out Band use state of the art lighting and are completely self contained. There is no need for a DJ, or specialist AV company.

How long does it take Big Night Out Band to set up?

It will normally take us around an hour, to unload and set up the equipment and then get changed into our formal clothing. However, this does depend on how easy the access into the venue is and also how large the venue is, as it effects the amount of equipment and lighting required. We will always arrive an hour before we are scheduled to start playing, but we cannot be held responsible for starting later than scheduled due to circumstances beyond our control.

Do I need to arrange somewhere for Big Night Out Band to change?

Yes. Big Night Out Band do require a private room to get change in, and please note that this does NOT mean toilets!

What do the band wear?

The male members of Big Night Out Band dress in smart evening suits with ties. Our female singer, Cathryn dresses in cocktail style dress.

How long will Big Night Out Band play for?

Big Night Out Band can play LIVE for your entire evening. Typically for a wedding the band would start at 8pm taking a break around 9.45pm for approx 30 mins whilst your buffet is served (back ground music will be provided) then continuing on until Midnight. This means approx 3 1/2 hours of performance time. Compare this to some of the bands that only play 2 x 45 minute sets! For corporate events Big Night Out Band would tend to start at 9.30pm and finish at 1am, including an approx 30 minute break ideal for doing a raffle or auction. Importantly, this means you don't have to also book a DJ, as Big Night Out play all styles of music and will play throughout your evening.

Can we provide Big Night Out Band with a set-list?

No, this is not advised, we're not a DJ! Big Night Out Band play a huge selection of material from the 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s and latest chart hits which we'll mix together to suit the audience on the night. If there is specifically something you don't want played for personal reasons just let us know.

Do Big Night Out Band play ceilidh music?

Big Night Out Band play a set of popular ceilidh dances which are played throughout the evening at our discretion. Added to this we also call the dances and Cathryn, without any encouragement, also demonstrates the dances.

Does Big Night Out Band have insurance?

Big Night Out Band have full Public Liability Insurance with a limit of indemnity of £5 million. Big Night Out Band are also covered for Musical Equipment risks insurance for the £30,000 worth of equipment used.

Do Big Night Out Band play pubs?

Big Night Out Band have never been a pub band. We specifically set out to play Wedding Dances & Corporate Functions only. We believe, this gives us the experience in knowing how to conduct ourselves in a wedding, or corporate environment paying attention to wedding etiquette and traditions. Big Night Out Band don't believe that it's right that some bands play in pubs and then expect to increase their fee by 3 or 4 times because it's a wedding. Believe it or not some bands do!

How far will Big Night Out Band travel?

Big Night Out Band will travel as far west as Glasgow, as far north as Blair Atholl and as far east as Dundee. Due to other commitments we are unable to take wedding bookings in Ayrshire, Inverness and Aberdeen.

How much of a deposit do I need to pay?

We only charge an £85 part payment to hold Big Night Out. This can be paid by cash, cheque or bank transfer.

When is full payment due?

Payment us due on the night of the actual event or one week in advance.

Does Big Night Out Band supply a contract?

Big Night Out Band supply a brief contract which you can read over and sign and return with your deposit payment.

What if my event is cancelled… Do I still need to pay you?

If your event is cancelled within 2 months of the actual event date you will be due to pay half the full fee due to the band. If you cancel months before, we will obviously keep your deposit payment.

Are there any hidden costs?

No, the price quoted is the price you are guaranteed to pay. Big Night Out will not try to rip you off with silly travel add on's or fee's to learn your song etc. We're very honest and upfront.

Do I need to provide Big Night Out Band with food?

Big Night Out Band do not expect to be served food, if however there is a buffet we will politely wait until you and your guests have had some food and refreshments before helping ourselves to a light bite.

Can Big Night Out Band play midweek?

This is entirely dependant on the time of year and other commitments the band may have.

Can I see Big Night Out Band perform before committing to booking?

Yes, please ask at point of booking and we will supply you with some dates which you can come along and hear us live

Can I make a provisional Big Night Out Band booking?

Simply call, email or fill in an enquiry form on our website and we can take it from there.

How far in advance do I need to book Big Night Out Band?

Usually booking us further in advance guarantees your date however don't assume we will be booked if you are enquiring within a shorter period of time, we may surprise you!

What if the time overruns… can Big Night Out Band stay later than agreed if necessary?

With regard to our pricing our costs are inclusive of travel time. We always arrive on time and even though your event may over run bear in mind that the band have been waiting since before 7pm (our average start time is 8pm). We take one hour to set up, this cannot be reduced if your event is running behind time. if you decide you would like Big Night Out to play on past midnight we can negotiate rates on the evening, but please bear in mind most venues have licenses restricting them to a midnight finish.

Does Big Night Out Band allow guests to sing or play songs along with them if requested?

Yes of course we do! However this is ONLY if the bride or groom ask us specifically. Many people think they are Maria Carey or Frank Sinatra after a few drinks and they are far from it! If however the bride has a talented friend or the groom's brother is awesome on the guitar we would be delighted to welcome them up on stage and usually try our best to back them up.


Big Night Out

Big Night Out are a five piece band based in Kirkcaldy, Fife. You will be entertained by both male and female vocals. All the music is performed live with keyboards, drums, electric guitar and bass guitar and up to 5 part harmony vocals. We do not use backing tracks and promise that all our mistakes are our own!
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